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[English] [I pay with PaypaI] I need someone who can translate with quality from English to French

Discussion dans 'Discussions diverses' créé par Gooby, 27 Mai 2013.

  1. Gooby

    Gooby Nouveau

    27 Mai 2013
    Hello, I'm sorry for the title (I tried to explain everything with some few words) and I know I'm new here, but I'm not here for minecraft: I'm looking for a french "work-partner" [I don't know how to call it] who knows English very well, enough to read and understand english pages. This because I need, on Skype, a French point of reference on Skype that can translate english articles to French and eventually some english sentences when I ask them.
    I would pay your work with Paypal, depending by the amount of work I give to you. Just post if you're interested - please note that if you aren't available at least 3-4 hours during the day (even 2 hours in the morning and 2 in the evening, or 1 in the morning and 3 in the evening etc.) you won't be chosen. I'm posting this message to some other French gaming community.

    Post if you're interested!
    Thank you
  2. Segle

    Segle Mineur d'Or

    13 Juil 2011
    I'm not sure if it's the right place to ask. To find a french person who understands English, ok, that's not impossible. But translation is a whole different story.

    I leave the post open, but I have the feeling you won't find what you seek. French people, sadly, generally don't speak or write English very well. In fact, only a few here could do it. So, if you're thinking about finding a translator here, well...you could guess what I mean.

    If i were you, i'll get real pros for that kind of thing if i can afford it, or google translate everything. Either way, I think that hoping to find a cheap translator here is almost impossible.
  3. Nolan-XX

    Nolan-XX Modérateur

    29 Déc 2012
    10 243
    Hello , I can help you to translate some english articles to French.
    I'm not the best translater, but you won't have to pay me , I'm "free".
    Contact me ( Skype ) nolan-xx

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